The rules and regulations that are listed below and are prominently posted throughout the campground are for our camper and visitors to read and obey. They are instituted to afford you a safe and more enjoyable stay while at Highland Campground and are strictly enforced. There will be no refund on deposits.

1. Immediate family consists of two adults and up to three unmarried children under 21 living at home. Other members of a family and friends are considered visitors and MUST register and pay a visitors fee at registration in the office upon FIRST entering the campground. Remember, YOU are responsible for them. Day visitors must leave by 8:00 pm and evening visitors must leave by 11:00 pm for the consideration of other campers. Remember: UNREGISTERED VISITORS ARE TRESPASSERS. Visitors cannot bring pets into the campground. A registered camper’s site needs to be occupied to accept any visitors. A camper must have a permanent residence and the campground may not be the camper’s permanent address under any condition. The campground has the right to move abandoned units, or units owing fees, and have it towed at the owner’s expense.

2. Nails, hooks, screws, etc. must not be put into trees unless permission has been granted by the management.

3. Parking is allowed on your site only, not on other sites. Be sure your visitors understand this also. If there is not enough room, parking areas are available. Washing cars is not allowed.

4. Three sets of lights (patio lights only) per site apply. Outside-approved lighting must be used. Bug lights must be turned off at bedtime. No spotlights or dart playing after 11 pm. The use of electric heaters is prohibited.

5. Everyone will be responsible for putting their garbage in the dumpsters. THE DUMPSTERS ARE FOR FOOD GARBAGE ONLY. Cans for recyclables are labeled and located next to the dumpsters. Plastic bags can be picked up at the office and the policy will be explained.

6. The proper amount of chemical must be used in holding tanks in order to be pumped out or if you are dumping your own sewer. Otherwise the campground will not pump out your trailer or allow use of the dump station. ALL sewerage must be dumped in the dump station. Clogged and/or plugged tanks are the responsibility of the individual camper.

7. Pool hours are posted at the office and pool. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool and must obey posted rules. Al pool privileges must be performed at the individual’s own risk. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Swimsuits only must be worn to swim.

8. Camping means cleanliness at your campsite. We ask that everyone make the effort to keep their site neat and attractive looking. Toilet facilities are not playrooms. Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied to showers and toilets by an adult.

9. Campers’ pets are allowed with rabies tag, but, without exception, must be kept on a short leash and are not to be left alone when you are away. Please clean up after them at your site and around the campground where you walk them. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. All pets must be vaccinated. Visitors cannot bring pets into the campground. Maximum of two pets per site.

10. Please abide by NAFCA’s 7 C’s of camping: CARE, CAUTION, COURTESY, CLEANLINESS, COOPERATION, CONSERVATION AND COMMONSENSE. The old stone walls surrounding the camp are our official boundaries and must not be harmed or moved. Please stay within their limits. NO DUMPING OF ANYTHING OVER THE STONE WALLS. No minibikes or motorcycles are allowed in camp without permission. PLEASE OBSERVE THE 10 MPH SPEED LIMIT ON THE ROAD LEADING INTO CAMP AND THE 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN CAMP.

11. Quiet hours will be observed between 10 pm and 8 am, except on Fridays and Saturdays when quiet is 11 pm to 8 am. Children must be back at their campsites by 10 pm unless chaperoned by their parents.

12. Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children in the water and in the campground and are responsible at all times for their children’s actions, behavior, language, damage or vandalism. Minors must have a daily adult sponsor who accepts responsibility of the camping party.

13. No bike riding is allowed after dark. Bike helmets are required by Connecticut State law for children under the age of 16. Bikes must be ridden in a safe manner. No bike riding in playground.

14. Any motorized vehicle (like a scooter, ride-on car, quads or gas golf carts) are not permitted. Motorcycles are to be used for transportation ONLY in and out of the campground. No joy riding (see our sign).

15. Drains located in the campground are for sink water only. No raw sewerage will be dumped in the grey-water drywells. Sewerage and/or water from the sewerage tank must be dumped at the dump station. Sewer waste pickup can be arranged through the office.

16. Excessive drinking and foul language will not be tolerated. No kegs of beer are allowed in the campground.

17. Wood may be purchased at the camp store. Campers are prohibited from cutting down live trees or foliage and the use of a chain saw is not permitted at any time. Open fires must be confined to the fire rings. Do not deface, mutilate or misuse any equipment or natural surroundings. Fireworks or firearms are not permitted at any time.

18. If you notice someone violating the rules of the campground, please notify the management. You’re not “squealing” but helping yourself by keeping the camp safe and clean for your family. Sooner or later, these violations will affect YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

19. The rules will be strictly enforced. If deemed necessary by the management, disregard of the rules and regulations can lead to immediate termination of the camper’s or visitor’s stay. Any person listed on the Sex Offender Registry will be denied entrance to the campground.

The management of the campground reserves the right at all times to terminate the stay of a camper or visitor for reasons the management shall deem necessary and will not be responsible for any damage to motor vehicle/camping unit or any other personal property; nor accidents; nor injury to guests; fire, theft or loss of valuables in or around motor vehicle/camping unit or on campground property.